Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Bman!!

Dear Brendan,

Happy 8th Birthday! '8' is surreal to me. I know I say it all the time but truly, I can't believe how quickly time flies.

You had a great day today - we celebrated with cupcakes that had fun NHL jersies on them (official cake to come this Sunday at your party!). Robin also gave you a container of her infamous banana bread to take home with you because you love it! We had your dinner of choice - poutine and opened your presents from me, Daddy and Olivia. Olivia got you a new dragon Webkinz and we took you to TRU to pick out a special treat (which turned out to be a Ben 10 alien creature!). Last but not least, we surprised you with a Magic Bullet. Yes, the blender. Yes, the appliance I have received pictures and phone numbers from to entice me to buy it. The same appliance that will make me create meals in "just 10 seconds Mommy!" I still find it hilarious that an 8-year-old was so serious about such a thing. Your face was priceless when you saw it. Too funny. :)
Some things about you at 8:

- you are still our super jock - loving hockey and soccer
- you are still extremely competitive (though you've relaxed a lot in the last year)
- you are always right.....well, not really but you'll argue until you're blue in the face even if you know the answer is wrong! lol
- you have a big heart and surprise me with unexpected kisses or notes or help when I least expect it (you've even been known to show your sister a little love! gasp!)
- you are rocking school - A's and B's
- you've suddenly become afraid of the dark again and I can't figure out why
- your interests right now include anything that gets your mind thinking or relates to sports or 'fighting". You love to play street hockey and things about building (like Bionicles) are a big hit. So are Bakugan ,Pokeman and Ben 10. You are also still enjoying the Wii.
- you're super cute! (yes I can see your eyes rolling back and hear your little sigh)
- you're at that age now where I can easily embarass you (not that I'm trying!) in front of your friends
- you are a non-stop talker still....any where, any time! and I mean NON STOP
- i still can't get you interested in reading, even though you're super good at it and reading at a level beyond your age
- you started asking me once in a while to lay with you after I tuck you into bed (I totally love that. We have some cool conversations in the dark.)
- you love to play Club Penguin, Poptropica and Webkinz on the computer

Eight years ago today you made me a Mommy. And I couldn't be any more prouder of the little guy you are becoming You're the best boy in the entre world and I love you SO much!

I hope today was awesome and I hope your Olympic-themed birthday party is everything you hope it will be.

love you buddy,
Mommy xoxo