Friday, November 19, 2010

'Tis the Season......

...and this year, my goal is to keep everything about the holiday season SIMPLE. I want to enjoy my family and friends instead of spending time scrapping a gadzillion cards. I want to give beautiful, simple gifts & cards that are more from the heart than anything else!

This year, I've decided to get some gifts and holiday cards from Shutterfly. Oh my goodness - have you been to the site? The possibilities are endless and there are SO many wonderful designs to choose (choosing will be the hardest part I'm sure). Going through all of the design options available for holiday cards is so fun!

Here are a few of my favourite. You can find a complete set of all holiday cards available here:

I love the non-traditional colours of "Colorful Joy":

Equally gorgeous is this card. We got some amazing family photos done this year and I could showcase so many with this design:

I love this one as well:

And how much fun would it be to have our monogram on this card?

Which one is your favourite? All I know is at the end, regardless of the design I choose, I'll have a beautiful card that looks as good as if I scrapped it myself....and with way less work and time involved for me. I think friends and family will love them!

While you're checking out the beautiful holiday cards, check out some of the GREAT gift ideas. My Mom would love one of the photo books. A friend of mine has done a few at Shuttefuly and they are such a wonderful keepsake. I also really love this photo ornament and the wall calendars!

Nothing better than sitting in my pj's, easily ordering Christmas gifts and cards that will come right to my door with no hassle. I am looking forward to this season. :)

(Not only does Shutterfly have great products, but they have a special offer for blog owners. Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly. Follow this link for details: . Post on Twitter and Facebook so your friends can get in on this amazing deal!)

I can't wait to come back and show you my final holiday card choice!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A few layouts to share.....

Thanks for taking a peak! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

A couple of photos to share... least it's something... and these kids are gorgeous (and growing way too quickly). And yes, it's my blog...I get to say they are gorgeous!!! :)



Pictures taken at Rockcliffe Park by .

Dusting this thing off....

......yes, I'm still alive! This blog has unfortunately made its way to the bottom of my priority list. Makes me a bit sad. Lots of happened since my last post - hockey season, guitar lessons starting, Brendan turning 9 (craziness!), Olivia turning 8 (more craziness!) and even Joe has had another birthday.

Work has brought on a lot of new things and challenges. I've never been so busy. Trying to balance a demanding job and the kids and their activities...and trying to be a decent wife and mom while still finding some 'me' time. Doesn't leave much time for other things.

My life is full and I am grateful. The above is definately not complaining. Life could be much worse and I surely appreciate that.

Just checking in to say 'hello'! I've been scrapping a bit and I will come back soon with some layouts. However, leaving before the sun rises and getting home when it's dark sure puts a damper on being able to properly photograph my layouts.

If you're reading this - take a second and say hello. I'd love to see who posts here and to see how everyone is doing!