Thursday, January 24, 2008

Go Elf Yourself! And other ramblings...

I couldn't resist making 'elves' of all of us after my friend Josee sent me her own with her familiy! Full of fromage but just so funny! Makes me laugh. Here's a layout about it:

Nothing much new on the homefront - Joe and I are starting the painting this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. Not so much how fast it'll make the weekend go but how happy we'll both be after we paint the main floor! Besides that, Brendan is sick with strep throat (poor babe!) and Olivia is doing well.

And a new line from Brendan this week (or I suppose a question)...totally out of the blue... "Mom, it's yucky to kiss other people on the tongue right??"

Oy.....let the games begin!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My boy...

...has been super sweet lately. He's always a sweet kid but he's really been showing his emotions lately, which I love. He's not usually free with stuff like that and that's ok too. But a Mommy likes to hear that she's loved once in a while, kwim? :)

Brendan came home just before Christmas with a present all wrapped up in a lovely box he had decorated himself. The tag read: "To: Olivia From: Brendan". Olivia was super excited to get it and opened it quickly and inside was a beautiful handmade ornament by Brendan! He decided to give it to Olivia because he knows she likes to get presents. He was grinning the whole time.....he does love her! ;)
And the other day - after his bath, he was in a good mood and fooling around. He kept putting his face on my face and laughing. Out of the blue he says "I love you Mommy! I wouldn't trade you for any Mommy in the whole world!" Totally made my day! Then he asked me to kiss his eyelashes (not too sure about that one but I complied!).
So...he's been super sweet lately and I just wanted to get that stuff down for future scrap layouts! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (why are the weekends so short??).
And here's a layout about the super sweet gift B-Man brought home for Livi. I love that kid.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DT Reveal Day at SSZ!

I thought I would post my layouts that I created using January's Kit at Scrap Shotz . This kit rocks my world! I could create another 5 layouts easy using all the goodness in this kit! I just loved working with the Grungeboard and the KI lace cardstock. Oh and the flocking/foil kit by WRMK! To die for! And my fave part - the fact that all of the embellisments and additions are so EASY to work with. I don't like to fuss with things when I scrap and all of the layouts I did came together so quickly. It's a fabulous kit!

My personal fave of the 3:

TFL! Back to work for me! (groan...sigh...grumble...)