Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some 2011 Goals...

Figured it was best to get them down here on the blog so I can reflect next year and see how I've done.

I'm not a resolution maker - I prefer to call it goals. And here are a few for 2011:

1. Stress less...enjoy life more .
2. Scrapbook lots. It's how me, Joe and the kids will remember their childhoods. I created 105 layouts last year which is a lot for me. Her's hoping I can beat that in 2011.
3. More one on one time with each member of my family - Joe, Brendan and Olivia.
4. More family time that doesn't involve running to a lesson or a practice.
5. Become a happier me - one who is happy with my appearance, feels healthier and fulfilled not only at home but at work.
6. Use up scrapbook stash I have. Limit myself as much as possible to using what I have and purchasing only my Studio Calico kits each month. I'm sure I'll fail at this once in a while (come on people! CHA is in a few weeks!) but for the most part, I really want to stick to this.

Not too hard right? Game on. :)