Saturday, July 16, 2011

A few new layouts to share. They've been done for a while but I'm just getting around to posting them. Vacation time now for me - ahhh...the freedom of not having to get out of the house early or get things organized to go to work and school or daycamp. I love summer....I love vacation even more!

Going to spend my time enjoying my children, enjoying my husband, and filling my days with positive people and fun things. Sounds pretty simple....and pretty good to me.

Started vacation off today with some family time at Calypso Waterpark. Apparently it's been ranked as the number one waterpark in the world? This was something mentioned to me...not sure if it's true but if it is, that's pretty cool to live only 25 minutes from it. It's a great park and worth the money - great slides, great water activities, clean park..... :)

Off to put aloe vera on my burn (how could I not notice the tops of my legs getting burnt?! I only had spf 60 on afterall........sigh).

Happy Saturday!