Monday, September 19, 2011

Nine Years Ago Today......

Dear Olivia,

Nine years ago today, the biggest surprise of my life and your Daddy's life was born. There is no doubt that at the time, we were worried and concerned about the unknown. Two young babies to raise..... And a girl no less. I knew what to do with a baby boy...would I know what to do with a girl?

The moment you entered the world crying, I knew you were perfect. Perfect for our family. A perfect fit.

You are growing into an amazing young lady. You are a good friend. You are kind and thoughtful, silly, helpful, smart and caring. You are beautiful on the inside and out. You love with your whole heart and you are dedicated to whatever you put your mind to. And perhaps best of all, you have the most infectious giggle that makes me smile whenever I hear it.

You still love to play soccer and you're in Guides again this year. You have been playing the guitar for almost a year now and I'm so amazed at how quickly you've grasped this instrument (so is Ron - your teacher).

You are outgoing and confident. You believe fully in yourself and these are amazing qualities for anyone to have, especially a girl of your age. Never stop believing in yourself - it is your ticket to accomplishing your dreams. You can do anything.

Stay true to you and know that you are perfect just the way you are. I thank God often for blessing me with a daughter like you.

Happy, happy 9th Birthday Baby Girl. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

Love Always,
Mama xoxo