Sunday, January 13, 2008

My boy...

...has been super sweet lately. He's always a sweet kid but he's really been showing his emotions lately, which I love. He's not usually free with stuff like that and that's ok too. But a Mommy likes to hear that she's loved once in a while, kwim? :)

Brendan came home just before Christmas with a present all wrapped up in a lovely box he had decorated himself. The tag read: "To: Olivia From: Brendan". Olivia was super excited to get it and opened it quickly and inside was a beautiful handmade ornament by Brendan! He decided to give it to Olivia because he knows she likes to get presents. He was grinning the whole time.....he does love her! ;)
And the other day - after his bath, he was in a good mood and fooling around. He kept putting his face on my face and laughing. Out of the blue he says "I love you Mommy! I wouldn't trade you for any Mommy in the whole world!" Totally made my day! Then he asked me to kiss his eyelashes (not too sure about that one but I complied!).
So...he's been super sweet lately and I just wanted to get that stuff down for future scrap layouts! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (why are the weekends so short??).
And here's a layout about the super sweet gift B-Man brought home for Livi. I love that kid.


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Michelle said...

Totally love this Wendy!!! Such a good kid!!!! And obviously a gorgeous LO ;)