Friday, November 5, 2010

Dusting this thing off....

......yes, I'm still alive! This blog has unfortunately made its way to the bottom of my priority list. Makes me a bit sad. Lots of happened since my last post - hockey season, guitar lessons starting, Brendan turning 9 (craziness!), Olivia turning 8 (more craziness!) and even Joe has had another birthday.

Work has brought on a lot of new things and challenges. I've never been so busy. Trying to balance a demanding job and the kids and their activities...and trying to be a decent wife and mom while still finding some 'me' time. Doesn't leave much time for other things.

My life is full and I am grateful. The above is definately not complaining. Life could be much worse and I surely appreciate that.

Just checking in to say 'hello'! I've been scrapping a bit and I will come back soon with some layouts. However, leaving before the sun rises and getting home when it's dark sure puts a damper on being able to properly photograph my layouts.

If you're reading this - take a second and say hello. I'd love to see who posts here and to see how everyone is doing!


TracyM said...

glad you're back, Wendy. I love all of your LO's

Julie said...

I have been patiently waiting on you for a blog post.I hear ya in the busy life department and my kids aren't involved in half the stuff your kids are.