Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to School!

Yup! It's that time of year again!! This year, however, was bittersweet. I am the Mommy to a Grade 1! Not just any Grade 1 either. Mommy to the most-excited-ever-to-be-in-a-grade Grade 1!!! It's a HUGE deal! It's a different playyard now! It's riding the bus with the big kids and maybe even getting to sit in the back. It's getting THREE recesses! It's getting to eat lunch at school. Heck, it's even about eating your apple whole like a big boy and not needing it cut up. Because let's face it, he's in Grade 1 now!

As you can read from above, Brendan was beyond himself yesterday morning. The only other time I've seen him this excited is Christmas morning. As always, he was thoroughly thinking things through. Like where he'd hang his bag and how he'd find his desk. I think the highlight may have been choosing what he wanted for lunch and both snacks. Heck, I knew he was excited when he let ME choose his shirt. I never ever get to pick out his clothes.

So off to the bus at Catherine's (daycare) we went to make sure that was all organized. He hopped on and we met him at school. There were signs up marking "1", "2", etc and so the 3 of us went over and found out who is teacher is. He's in a 1/2 split class and he's got lots of friends from last year and a few news ones. It took no time to find some buddies and start making armpit fart noises. Ahhh! To be a boy!

Olivia is in afternoons this year and her excitement was to see her little friend Michael Anthony. I swear, she's obsessed. The 2 of them love hanging out with each other. I'm happy that she's got close friends at such a young age. Go Liv! Go MA! Olivia also got off to school perfectly and had a perma-grin on her face.

I just love those 2......just love them....simple as that....

Last night we had two very happy yet very exhausted kids to deal with. The new routine will take some time but they'll get the hang of it. Hopefully soon because even Mommy & Daddy are exhausted!
Here are a couple of First day of school pics:
Brendan - Grade 1:
Olivia - Senior Kindergarten:

Gotta love em!


Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures Wendy!!! You can totally see how excited they were!!!

Boo said...

I feel the excitement in your post! How cool for B-man to be in grade 1. It *is* a big deal Mom. LOL I remember when R went into Grade 1.

Love their pictures!!!

~Carla~ said...

Kids look so cute, Wendy!! :) Adorable!