Friday, November 2, 2007

6 Already!

Six years old......six.....six.... Wow! Unreal.

You realized tonight that you needed two hands now to show us how old you are. 2 hands...already. I remember your tiny hands this time 6 years ago when I held you after being only a few hours old. So tiny...that moment so unreal. Very similar to how I feel today.

I am very proud of you B-Man. You're a smart, energetic, fun boy. I love hanging out with you. I love hearing you say "Oh my gosh! Suhweet!!!!" You are growing so fast. And although I wish I could stop time some days, I do love watching you grow.

I hope you had a great birthday and I hope you enjoy your party tomorrow. You deserve it.

Love u,
Mommy xoxo


Scrap Shotz said...

What a fabulous photo!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, B-Man!!! Hope you had a great day!!!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

Happy Birthday B Man!!! You are the coolest 6 yr old that I know!!!

Boo said...

Happy Birthday B-man!!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful picture Wendy!!!! Happy Birthday B-Man!!!!

Scrap Shotz said...

You've been tagged! ;)