Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am still on a JBJ high. Did I mention he rocked my world?! Yeah, thought I had.
I'm trying to think of something new and exciting to write about....some good news! I've received a fair share of bad news this week so focusing on the good is necessary.

Took my kids for their annual check-ups this morning. They are both 110% healthy and going to be "very tall" when they grow up, according to the doctor. I don't care if they're 10 feet tall - just please let them stay healthy. The events of late have made me feel even more blessed to have them. Of course I never take them for granted but sadness in someone else's life often sheds a light on your own situation and makes you even more grateful for what you have. That's what I'm talking about.....2 great healthy kids that I couldn't live without.
Last weekend we went to Carole's place for some crafts and cookei making! The kids had a ball. Olivia loved playing with all of Rachel's dress-up clothes (guess what she asked Santa for, C?). Brendan also LOVED Riley's air hockey table while we were over. I'm glad we went - not only was it fun but now I have an idea of what to get my kids for Christmas! LOL
Last Saturday night we went to Orlean's Parade of Lights with Melanie and her family. What a fun time! The kids had prime seats and Danika and Olivia loved dancing to the music and chomping away on candy canes. Good times! Melanie has a bunch of pictures on her blog (can you believe I didn't bring my camera??). Here is one that she took of Olivia with her camera. Melanie would refer to this as "the money shot"..... Love it!
And one of my kiddos together. Two great kids! Love em. :)


Mélanie Blackburn said...

I love those kids!!! So happy that they are both healthy!!!
Gotta love that money shot baby!!! ;)

Boo said...

It was great having you, B-man and Livi over. My kids had lots of fun too. :o)

Great photo of Livi at the parade. I love that photo of them together. Definitely a scrapable one! ;o)