Monday, March 24, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things.....

I unfortunately had to work today but Joe took the day off to be home with the kids today (Easter Monday).

The Easter Bunny brought Olivia a new Webkinz Chihuahua. She's thrilled with Choo-Choo...sorry Bella. She was renamed! Her and Joe were discussing chihuahuas today and where they come from, etc.

Joe tells Olivia that these types of dogs come from Mexico. Olivia looks at him with a puzzled look on her face and says "No they don't! that's not right!" He says yes, it is. She picks up her chihuahua, points to the tag and says "NO! LOOK!! It says 'made in China!' They're from China!!!"

Who taught her how to read anyway? Love her! ;)

Here are a few pictures I've taken of the kids recently. The digi frame comes from Just Cre8 . Thanks for the link Mel! :

My rockstar!!

He was very impressed with is "faux-hawk"!

And I'm way impressed with those freckles and big blue eyes!!

Silly and sweet!

I don't have much to show in the way of layouts - I'm hanging onto a few for various reasons. Here's one recently that I used with a sketch I created for a class I taught at Scrapshotz:

And a layout from a bit back that I don't think I ever posted here:

That's it! Enjoy your night...or day....whatever it is when you're reading this.. :)


Nonie said...

Great pics Wendy!! Love the mohawk!! That layout Hey Sugar with the cosmo paper just rocks!! Love the colours!! Gorgeous!!

Boo said...

Look at B-man and the 'hawk'. He's definitely a rock star. Just like his Momma! LOL

Love the story of the 'made in China'. She's a smart girl! LOL Stunning photo of her too!

Your LOs are super beautiful! Nice to see you posting. ;o)

Mélanie Blackburn said...

OMG!!!! Those pictures of bman are tooooo hilarious!!!!! Can't wait to see how you scrap those! ;)