Monday, October 13, 2008

9 days....& Happy Thanksgiving!

9 days siince my last update. Time sure does fly! Work has been super busy last week and by the time I get home and see the kids for far too little time before their bedtime, I'm just too tired to do anything but sit on the computer and surf or veg in front of the tv.

The kids have been busy with their activities - Livi and I were out with a couple of her friends (Sydney & Clara) and their parents sellng Girl Guide cookies last week. I was in shock. We sold 3 1/2 cases of cookies in less than two hours. I never thought the girls would sell that much with all 3 of them together, but they sure proved me wrong. They did great and had big feelings of accomplishment when they were done - very cool and what Sparks is all about. :) Olivia's art class is also going strong and she's really enjoying it. So far they've made a keychain out of some beads, have made a dream catcher and have decorated canvas bags. Olivia loves her bag - she'll carry her Sparks book and her shoes in it once boot weather hits.

Brendan starts hockey and indoor soccer this week. He needs it! He's got so much energy to burn and I'm so glad they're starting. I need to work on his birthday invitations today or tomorrow. In a few short weeks he'll be 7! He wants to have a street hockey party and play hockey the whole time - sounds good to me. He's got a list of 14 boys invited so we'll need to whittle that down a bit. Just a bit too many 7-year-old boys! LOL

We went to my Mom & Dad's house yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner and to celebrate my Dad's birthday. I got to see my SIL who is due to have her first baby on October 15th. She looks tired! I hope labour starts for her soon. October is a huge baby month. Besides my SIL, my neice is having her 2nd baby tomorrow morning and I have a friend who is also due October 15th. Crazy times!

I've been scrapping a little bit and taking a lot of photos. I'll share some of both below. The photos are either from here at home or from our walk at Mer Bleue last weekend. As for the layouts, I've actually gone back through what I've done and I only have 2 to share. I've got a couple of other ones but they are for DT. The "Sparks" layout was done with Amanda. We chose the same sketch and same line of paper and both did a layout. Very cool to see how 2 people with the same startig point come up with very different layouts. You can see Amanda's beuatiful version on her blog (check out my blog list for a link):

I guess that's it for now! Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! Enjoy the long weekend.



Anonymous said...

Gosh you have cute kids!! :D I love that one of them together!!! Beautiful photos!!! xo Amanda

Boo said...

Great photos of the kids Wendy!! We love going to Mer Bleue.

Love the LO of Livi's birthday! They had so much fun that day! :o)