Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Recap

I'm a bit behind on a Christmas recap so I thought now is the time to do it. Before things get hectic around here again with back to work/school and I don't get around to doing it. Perhaps the best way to recap our Christmas celebrations is with some pictures (warning! many photos ahead).....

Our Christmas celebrations started the first weekend in December with my work holding a Children's Christmas party. It was so well put together and the kids had a blast! This first photo is VERY unique......Brendan hasn't gone near Santa since his first Christmas.....when he had no choice because he was only 6 weeks old....LOL:

Olivia, of course, had no problem turning on the charm for dear old Santa:
And what would the Christmas season be without a photoshoot with Mommy? Below are some of my faves:

Olivia contemplating "naughty or nice....":
The jury is still out on that one.................

Shhhh! Santa is watching!!!

My handsome boy!
We celebrated Christmas morning at home. The Wii and the Webkinz they both received were a huge hit. Heck, they were so happy I actually got them to stop fighting for 5 minutes so I could take a picture of them together. Ahh...sibling rivalry..... :)

Brendan and Olivia Christmas morning:

Around lunchtime, we headed to my parents' home to celebrate with them and have a big Christmas feast. The kids were showered with more gifts - the snowboard B was dying to get and Livi got her fair share of more LPS. We also got to spend the day with baby Keeghan who was 'celebrating' his first Christmas.

Here's a picture of Olivia and Keeghan together. How cute is his little outfit? Sweet boy!

That night, we travelled to Joe's mom's home to visit and sleep over. We celebrated Christmas there as well with Joe's family - Joe's very large family. His Mom rents a hall, the food is scrumptious and catered and we exchanged gifts and caught up.

I finally got a picture of Brendan and his cousin Steven. They share a birthday (13 years apart however) and Brendan thinks Steve is pretty cool because he's also born on November 2nd:

(How come I can't get him smile like that on a regular basis?? I'm just sayin'.....)

And the final picture is of our new neice....sweet Miranda. Coincidentally, she was born in the same hospital as Keeghan and just one day earlier:

And there you have it - our Christmas 2008 recap. Fun was had by all....and it was so good to get back home and relax on vacation for another week. We are truly blessed.
I'll be back this weekend with a layout update. I think I have a few that I can share.
I hope you holiday was magical!

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Patti said...

Great photos Wendy!!
Lotsa fab memories.

Can't wait to see some layouts using these pictures:)