Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Beautiful Day....

.....for a beautiful boy.

Brendan did his First Communion and Confirmation today. Because there were so many children and our church couldn't hold everyone, we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral downtown. I have lived in Ottawa for almost 15 years and have been by the cathedral many times but have never went in. Today, I gasped when I walked in. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything more beautiful. I spent the time before mass started taking photos. Just incredible. I'd like to go back and photograph some of the things I couldn't get to today - like the stain glass windows. I'll share some photos below.

Brendan had a great day. He was excited to see his friends and they have fun together. Cynthia, our neice, was Brendan's sponsor. His godparents couldn't make it because they were at their own son's (our nephew & godson) First Communion. We were pretty bummed out about not being able to be there for the boys but we got together afterwards for some food and cake.

It was a beautiful day....I hope it's one Brendan will remember. I leave you with some photos. Scrappy-wise...not much happening but hopefully soon. :)

This is Brendan with his cousin (and sponsor) Cynthia:

My sweet boy on his special day:

And let's not forget his little sister:


Amber said...

Great pics Wendy! The church looks beautiful and the kids look great!!!

Boo said...

Your photos are fantastic Wendy!! Did you use your flash or was the place lit up by the sunshine??? I could sit there all day and look at all the details. Oh B-man is so darn cute!! I really like his freckles! Cute cute cute! Livi is beautiful in her dress! It's fun to dress up.

Patti said...

Awesome pictures Wendy!!
The scenery and the kiddos look great!:)

Julie said...

WOW! That is certainly one beautiful church Wendy.You should be so proud of your son.He looks adorable.