Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's a dreary, wet day today. Perfect for hanging out at home with the kids. I plan to get a little scrapping in today but that's about it. Oh and I promised the kids I would take them shopping for new a Webkinz each. A good rainy day activity.

I've got this great picture of me and Livi. Okay - she looks great but I love the look on both of our faces and I'm dying to scrap it. Hoping I do it justice.

Life is busy with work and kids and all that they are involved in. I can't believe school is almost done for the year and Bman will be in Grade 3 next year. Time is flying.
I've realized that I have at least 10 layouts I haven't posted yet on my blog. I'll just share a few today and come back over the week to post the others.
The first I created for DT work over at So Sketchy! It's a little simple for me but I like how it turned out:
Supplies: Crate pp/alpha; Prima bling; SR rubs; BG rubs; MM mini letters; KI photo orners; Sharpie pen; Colorbox ink; Rangers stickles.
And the following 2 I created about Brendan's surgery - pre and post. He's doing so remarkably well with that. His thumbs are great and he's pretty much back to normal. Even the scars are almost healed. It's amazing how quickly kids jump back from stuff like that. Very cool. He really only had 2 moments during the whole operation and recovery where he was upset. For the surgery, he walked confidently with the "sleep doctors" to the operating room and jumped up on the bed. He even handed me Paul Bek (his new Webkinz he got specifically for his surgery) and said he didn't need him to stay with him. I took his hand, the anesthesiologist put the mask on his face and he went to sleep easily. After surgery he was great as well (who wouldn't be when you were offered an unlimited supply of popsicles?!). The only time he complained of pain was Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. He screamed in pain and it took a bit for me to calm him down and convince him the medicine would help him to feel better. Once he agreed and I got some in him and scratched his head, he was calm within 10 minutes. And that is the ONLY time he needed pain meds. The other time he got upset was when his bandages were removed by the nurse/doctor the following Friday. I forgot how stiff and sore he'd be and I didn't think to warn him about that. He was quite upset for a while but calmed down (it helps that he was headed back to school after for a fun-filled open house day). He's a trooper!
Pre-surgery: (I took this photo of Bman in Aug 2008 and never noticed his thumbs at that time...)


That's all I've got for now. I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!


Melissa said...

Have fun webkinz shopping. I've gone many times for those little critters too! Have a wonderful day today! Your LO's are always~

Boo said...

I love how you created two LOs of 'before' and after of his surgery. Sounds like he did really well. I'm happy that it was a good experience for both of you. {{HUGS}}

That photo of Livi is gorgeous. She's such a beautiful girl!

Julie said...

WOW! He was so brave. I can't imagine leaving my child in the OR:(

I love all of your layouts! You did an awesome job with the pre and post surgery ones.Such a great idea.