Thursday, June 4, 2009

Remember Me?

Yes, things are that busy. Work is draining, the rest of my energy is spent on my kids and everything else in between. So, scrapping has taken a back burner. I do have a few layouts to show from a few weeks ago that I'll share.
Kid Update:

Brendan scored another goal last week! He's 2 for 2. He also took a huge hit to the face. You know it's bad when you can hear the 'smack' sound and everyone going "ohhhhh!" Poor kiddo. He went down hard. I thought for sure we were going to the hospital for a broken nose. Thankfully it was just swollen and he had a little mark for about a day or so over his eyebrow. He's fearless on that field and already geared up for tomorrow's night game! School is going well - he's got a test and 2 projects due in the next week. This is only Grade 2 right? He's bringing home A's and some B's and I couldn't be more proud. He tries hard (well, except for math which comes way too easily to him! he gets that from his Dad! Definately not me).

Olivia is.......lucky she is cute and I love her? We're going through what I hope is a phase. Lots of talking back, disrespect and picking fights with her brother on purpose. Not cool. Any constructive advice welcome! She's gone to bed VERY early twice this week. I might have to "up" the punishment to get my point across. She's loving soccer (and loving that her Daddy is the coach) and rocking at school. She's doing so well.

I'm a lucky Mom.

A couple of layouts:

This last one was inspired by a layout I saw on Christine Middlecamp's blog. I loved how she used the Prima transparency and replicated it. You can check her out on my blog roll on the side. She's a very talented, inspiring (and courageous!) woman. :)

I'm off to relax. One more day until the weekend. It's almost time to start vacation countdown. Not quite yet...but soon. :)
I'll leave you with a picture:

Can you believe this sweet face is full of defiance and attitude? Neither can I........(I'm afraid of the teen years already)


Julie said...

So good to hear from you again:)

Be pleased that your son is actually doing work in Gr.2.I have a not so pleasant story to tell.As far as your daughter,it is probably a phase and I'm going through a rough time with my youngest son.He is defiant,and demanding and sassy and all of the things I wish he wasn't right now:(

Your layouts are gorgeous! I knew that was inspired by Christine's LO.I saw hers and loved it!

Don't be a stranger:)

Nicole said...

I am having the same problem with my 6 (almost 7) year defiance and attitude. Let ys know when you have the solution! lol

Joanne said...

Gorgeous layouts! You really need to post these on TSF gallery - they are awesome and I am sure would inspire a few scrapbookers! Have a great day.

laterg8r said...

love your pages wendy! sending you a little award - visit my blog at