Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yes! I'm alive!

Though I don't know for sure if anyone is wondering...perhaps I'm only talking to myself on my blog! LOL :)

Let's start things off with some layouts I created
recently :

And now a wee update on us:

Life's been busy - back to the routine of school, soccer/hockey/swimming/Brownies, volunteering for Joe and I, work......I'm tired just reading it. Our lives are very full and I'm grateful for that.

We're gearing up this weekend for Olivia's 7th birthday party. Incredible...7.....I'm speechless. She invited 12 girls and guess what? All can make it. Last year we invited 10 and only 5 made it so I thought maybe we were safe with the 12.....lesson learned. :) We'll have a great time though. Olivia wanted a pyjama party theme and I think Joe and I have come up with some cool stuff. Pictures to come after her big day!

School is off to a great start - Olivia is in Mrs. Hamelin's class (2/3 split) and Brendan is in a 3/4 split with Ms. Butler. So far so good. I've never met a teacher at their school that wasn't amazing or didn't come with glowing recommendations so here's hoping to a fun year. I've got some pictures to share of their first day in Grades 2 and 3:

That's it for me! Happy Friday!


Marielle said...

Yay !!! you are still alive !LOL!!! I did wonder !! :) Love the new layouts!

Julie said...

Well I for one,was stalking your blog looking for an update.Awesome job with the TPP kit.It sounds like your DD is in for a super birthday party.I love to hear about kids going to schools where great teachers are waiting to teach them.