Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Family Ontario anyway :)

In Ontario (and certain other provinces) today, we have Family Day. A day off of work to do whatever you like! I so love Mondays where I don't have to get up early and get out the door to work. Every Monday should be a holiday! :)

Because it's a long weekend, Joe and I decided to get Olivia's room painted. We tried to do it a couple of years ago but our very sentimental girl burst into tears the night before and didn't want to paint it all of a sudden. So we just left it. She was ready this time around and I'm happy to report that our sassy 7 year old has her room painted "Fuschia Kiss". It's a gorgeous pink - a bit bright but very much her. We're going to accessorize in a dark lime green and white. It will be fresh and fun. She loves it already and we haven't done anything but paint and put her bed and dresser back in. Olivia and I have some decorating ideas and we're searching for the perfect stuff to accessorize her room. I want it to be a really special place for her to go and be by herself. She often likes to sneak off to her room for alone time and she deserves a spot just for her that she loves. I'm having a lot of fun looking for stuff and sharing it with her. We won't rush to decorate - we'll take our time and find pieces that fit perfectly. It's a fun little mommy/daughter project.

And because of all that painting (I do the actual painting myself because I'm anal and bossy. Yes...I admit it. And my wonderful husband helps with the before and after and then leaves me be.) I have super sore muscles. So today is a do nothing day. The boys are gone to the ice slides at Winterlude and Livi and I are just hanging out. After this blog post, I think a layout is in order! I've got about 15 in my head that are screaming to get out on paper.

I hope you all had a wonderful V-day with your loved ones yesterday. Personally, V-day is a Hallmark holiday to me. I much prefer that my husband shows me daily that he loves me. It's the little things like running out to do groceries and discovering Easter creme eggs are out and grabbing me one as a little surprise because he knows I love them. It's about making lunches for the kids even if it's not his turn because I was out late or more appropriately, he knows I'm not a morning person and am always running late. It's taking Brendan to 7 a.m. practices without complaint.......I could go on forever. For me, it's the little things. Not February 14th. And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I leave you with a layout I don't believe I've shared yet. It didn't turn out as I planned but I love this AC paper line, the punched butterflies and of course, that little girl. :)

(I saw this title on a layout by Stephanie Howell and just had to use it. )

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Julie said...

Well I wish New Brunswick had that holiday!

Your DD's room sounds great and girlie!

It is truly the little things,not Feb.14th that counts.Enjoy them day to day.

Love your layout,what a sweetie she is.