Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winterlude Fun...

I had a lot of fun at Winterlude with Olivia and her friends. The pictures in the above layout were taken there. They sure know how to giggle and have fun! They are fresh and rejuvenating. I really love hanging out with them. Although Livi is only seven, she's got a great little group of friends going. I hope they are friends for many, many years to come. I created the layout with some "old" stash (FP Arctic Chill) after my friend Melanie challenged me to just that. Thanks for the challenge my friend! Just what I needed. The layout is also based on a sketch posted over at Scrapbooking Fanatics for their Friday Night crop. If you haven't been there yet, GO. The ladies are great and so inspirational. And it doesn't hurt that the owner, Jayme, has a great selection of the latest and greatest with fabulous prices and customer service that is second to none.

Did a bunch of cleaning this weekend and Brendan had a hockey game yesterday. My boy played one of his best games yet and he even got an assist! He wants to score so badly and he tries to hard. Soon Bman!! It'll happen if you keep trying. :)

My brother, SIL and nephew Keeghan came for a visit yesterday. Can you say completely adorable? I took many photos of him that will be appearing on layouts very soon. Here is one of my favourite shots:

How adorable is he with those big baby blues and long dark lashes. I love that little boy.
My big boy wanted nothing to do with photos this weekend (and sometimes, you just have to let them be!!) but my girl was up for a little photo shoot. I got a few great shots of her, my fave being the one below. Mel- I believe this is what Dan would call a "money shot"! I'm really happy with it (and so amazed that this beautiful girl is mine....) :
Thanks for the visit! Back soon. :)


Mélanie Blackburn said...

That IS one money shot alright!!! Miss O is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see that on a lo!

Wooohooo! Loved that you used FP, maybe I should participate in my own challenge, eh?! LOL!Gorgeous lo mon amie. :)

Julie said...

Winterlude sounds fun indeed!

Love your photos.That one of Olivia is so nice! Can't wait to see it scrapped.