Tuesday, February 15, 2011


That's how many layouts I took photos of today to post. 33! Mostly from December and January. I like that a lot of those are of Brendan (I feel like I tend to scrap Livi more simply because 1-she lets me take her picture way more often and 2-masculine layouts are a challenge for me). But I'm getting them done!

I also am currently working on a layout that I am doing as a surprise for Joe. I hardly ever scrap "us". He surprised me yesterday for Valentine's Day (we're not big celebrators of V-day. I prefer the little things that he does for me all through the year that shows me he gets me and loves me). But nonetheless, it was nice to be surprised with flowers, my favourite chocolates and the BEST card ever. Very traditional - but traditional was nice for a change. :) So now I'd like to do this layout for him to let him know how much he means to me.

We're taking turns being sick here. I'm battling a nasty sinus infection that is just not going away. It won't stop me from going to Montreal this weekend with my best friend though! Time to see Bon Jovi in concert again! We had such a good time this time last year seeing him in Montreal....I'm looking forward to a girl's weekend.

I've got some fun, surprising (surprising to me at least - it came out of the blue!) news that I'm hoping to share soon. Kinda fun!

Have a good week everyone. I'll be back soon with some of those 33 layouts. Don't fear - I won't torture you with all those at one time. Can you imagine?? LOL

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Julie said...

I left a comment here,and now it's gone.Anyway, I am so glad that you have lots in store for your blog.I've been stalking!!!!!!!!

I can't every imagine you finding boy layouts difficult.You make it look so easy.