Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring is Here!

Took the kids out for new rollerblades today. They fell in love with the idea of rollerblading while visiting their cousin Matthew in Florida in November. Not sure why we never thought to get them blades..... but the beautiful weather sparked the memories and so off we went to buy some! Brendan's been out twice today. I'm sure Olivia would have joined him if it wasn't for the phone call from her bff to come play. My little social butterfly! Brendan's hockey season is over. He's made the competitive soccer team so that has already started. Olivia will be starting her soccer season in May and Brendan starts 4-on-4 hockey next week! Brendan was also in need of a new bike (lucky kid this week!) so Joe took him to buy a new one this week. Bman and I were out last weekend bikeriding. We were gone a good 1.5 hours and it was so nice to just be me and him. We had a lot of fun. Things got off to a rocky start my lace got caught in my peddle and I fell right into a puddle. LOL - it's! ;) Thought I would stop by and add some new layouts!

This next one is a layout I created with AMM’s April kit. New Lillybee and Crate Paper! So fun to work with:
Thanks for the visit! I hope your weekend is wonderful and sunny.


Julie said...

I thought I was getting out of my comfort zone when I purchased an electric scooter for Evan,the wild child,but maybe rollerblades would be a good idea too.He has been really cautious with the scooter.

Man,you rock the multi-photo layout! These are all awesome.

Patti said...

Gorgeous layouts my girl!!
Miss you!!
I still come by and see all your gorgeous creations. Hope you guys are all well.
Digi has stolen my heart and my paper stuff has sat idle for almost a year, can you believe that? I think it is time to sell some of it... the dust is piling!!