Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Blackburn Hamlet Fun Fair

I always joke with people and say that I live in God's country. The truth is - I love our little community. I can't imagine raising our family anywhere else. We have the benefits of being in a big city but with the surroundings being more like a small town. Our children go to school here and play sports here. We have a library, grocery store, arena, community pool and the best little Chinese restaurant.....all within walking distance. We have the most beautiful church and some of the best parks. We know many people as we walk through the neighbourhood or pop into the corner store for milk. It's perfect.

Another benefit of this community is the Fun Fair that is held the first weekend in June every year. Even better - it's across the street from where we live! It's perfect. This year, I finally got my act in gear and went to take some pictures of this fun little weekend. Here are some of my fave shots of the rides, etc:

Such a lovely place to live!

I'll be back tomorrow with some new layouts to share....  I haven't been scrapping a lot lately with work being so crazy but I realized that I have a lot from the last few months that I've never shared. 

Happy Saturday!

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