Thursday, August 30, 2007

For those who know me well.... knew it was going to happen. You knew I'd be a Blog Failure. One of those chicks who creates a blog and then never, ever remembers to update it. Truth be told---I haven't forgotten. I'm just not sure I have anything too dang important to say! :)

Kids are gearing up to go back to school and they've got the countdown going. I hope they always remain so excited about starting a new year (yes...I'm a Mom...I can dream!). Ballet, soccer and swimming lessons all start in September And oh yes, my sweet baby girl will be turning 5! THAT countdown is definately on. Pretty sure she's been counting since.....May at least! And Joe also has a milestone birthday in September. Fall is such a beautiful time and such a busy time for us. Love it.

I took Olivia for a haircut last night and thought I'd share the story (and have it down somewhere so I can journal about it on a scrap layout in the future). I usually stand or sit near her when she's getting her hair cut but last night, she told me she was okay and to go sit back down. Wow....surprised me...but I was pleasantly surprised. I sat down and listened to her talk to the hairdresser about school and her birthday, etc. So grown up. She kept looking over at me and smiling. She was winking (that cute 2-eye wink she does b/c she hasn't quite mastered the art of winking) and at one point, she looked up and gave me the cutest face and a thumb's up. As if to say, Yes Mommy...I'm growing up. But I'll always need you - even if from a distance. Dang I love that girl.

Can't believe my babies are going to be 5 and 6 soon! Brendan in a grade!! That is some SERIOUS promotion in public school! A different play yard, getting to stay ALL day! And his own desk....can you believe it?! He can't! But I'll save that for another post. :)

Hmm...I guess I did have some important things to say.

later! w.


Michelle said...

That was all darn important to say!!! Your kids are adorable, love that haircut story!! And Wendy ... I still love you anyways, if you don't post on your blog all the time, I still look anyways!!

Boo said...

I hope the kids have a great back to school experience!

Love the story about Livi at the hairdressers! How sweet is she? Well super sweet, I already know! We have to set up a play date for the girls. I'm sure they'd love it. And we can scrap! ;o)