Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lost Teeth & Back to School!

We've had a busy day in our home. Firstly, the kids went back to school. Olivia is in a 1/2 split class with Mrs. Hopkins and Brendan is in a straight Grade 2 class with Miss Kenna. He was really happy to get her and thinks she's "pretty awesome". I'm hoping they both do great this year! Olivia isn't with her buddy Michael Anthony this year. In the past years, they've been inseparable. We'll see what happens!

We had a bit of a new routine this year, as we have no school buses. so, we took the kids to school for thier first day. Tomorrow we'll drop them off at the sitter's home first and I'll go to work. We'll get in a routine soon enough. :)

Secondly, Brendan lost a 2nd tooth tonight on our drive back from doing errands. He's super excited and thinks the tooth fairy will leave "something like 20 bucks or so....". Sorry buddy...not on your life! LOL

I'll leave you with pics of Olivia's first lost tooth (which happened last Friday at Nanny's after eating some Cheerios for breakfast!) and some of the kids' first day of school. And a few new poses of Livi thrown in for good measure.

You're probably looking at Olivia's socks and wondering what the heck... Well, it was her choice and she thought it looked great. Who am I to argue with a fashion statement? ;)
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Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! They are pretty cute!! Hope you get into your routine!

Boo said...

The routine will come quick enough.

Fantastic photos as usual Wendy! Love her socks! She's got her own style. ;o) B-man is super cute!!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

Olivia is so cute with her shades!!! She's so stylin!!!

Nonie said...

Great photos!! Love the close up one of Olivia!! She's just beautiful!

They both look so much bigger. Man, time flies hey!!

We'll have to chat soon. Lots to catch up on.