Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Your Bday! Happy Bday!

My Bman!

You are 7 years old today! I really can't believe it. (Am I old enough to have a 7-year-old?!?! lol). It was so great to watch you with your friends today - I saw so many signs of how quickly you are growing up. We had some of your buddies over for a street hockey party - fun times! The party seemed to pass quickly and after everyone went home, we took you out for dinner. Then home to open more presents from us and Olivia. You fell into bed tonight with a big grin on your face, clutching your new crocodile Webkinz. It was a good day....for both of us. It makes me so happy to see you so happy. It's truly all that I want for you in always be happy!

So, as another year passes, I see more changes in you. You are becoming wiser (still asking a lot of questions but really understanding things and thinking before you act), you still test your limits, somehow you can eat more food than I ever dreamed possible for a boy your age and you're still stubborn, sometimes dramatic, usually loud and most importantly - a big boy with a big heart. Your sister drives you nuts sometimes but you still sneak into her room in the morning, wake her up by almost singing "good morning Olivia!" and then play together in your room until Daddy or I get up. (Bet you didn't know that I knew that! :) ) You still liked to be tucked in at night. You still need a hug from me or Daddy. You still look for us when you're hurt and you are the BEST boy EVER.

So Happy 7th Birthday my sweet baby boy! You changed our lives 7 years ago and it's been nothing but amazing since! I hope your day was as special as you are to me and your Dad.

I love you sweet boy..... xoxo



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brandon...sounds like you had a great day!!

Autumn said...

our blogs have the same name. haha

Julie said...

Awww...Happy Birthday, B!!!!! :)

Boo said...

Happy belated birthday B-man!!!

Colleen said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I sure do relate on how fast they grow! it's crazy! I think this post would make a wonderful layout!