Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is a post without a title?

It's still a post. :)

I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news first......

Allison Cope has rocked out some more amazing sketches over at So Sketchy! Here is one I recently did for a February sketch:

Supplies: My Little Yellow Bicycle everything; MM tiny alpha stickers/felt pin/heart brads; Pink Paislee alpha stickers; AC slick writer; Pebeo dimensional paint; Colorbox ink.

The bad news.....

This incredibly sweet boy has to have surgery. We found out last Friday after a referral to a Plastic Surgeon at CHEO. He was diagnosed with "trigger thumb" on both hands. Basically, he can't do a 'thumbs up' like you or I can. His thumbs are bent. It causes him no pain and doesn't hinder him from school or sports. However, if it isn't corrected, it will simply get worse and cause the need for major surgery. So the good news in all of this is at this stage, it's day surgery. Recovery should be quick and in almost all cases, the surgery will correct his thumbs and he'll never need it again. The doctor says 10 minutes per thumb. Good news... and his doctor was awesome. Very reassuring and he really focused on Brendan and having a rapport with him. A good doc in my books. And from what I see often at work...sometimes it's hard to make me feel comfortable when it comes to doctors. This time - good vibes. GOOD VIBES. We'll find out over the next week when his surgery will be. Hopefully within a month or two.

Not much else new. Livi is good....family is good....work is busy.....but overall, it's all okay. :)

take care....until next time!


Patti said...

Great layout and photo W!!

Sorry to hear about BMAN - but happy to know you are feeling at ease with the news:)


Tara said...

I love his pic. He is so sweet and will surprise you with the surgery. Kids bounce back so much faster than we do. ((hugs))
BTW... check out my blog Wendy! Fun.. fun...