Thursday, December 31, 2009

Retrospection....and Happy 2010

So I was sitting here, surfing through blogs and admiring people's remiscing of 2009. Layouts they loved, moments they've loved...heartaches and sadness they have suffered. I thought to myself - what are my best memories of 2009?? And each answer involved my amazing children. We are so blessed to have such great children and it's been such a blessing to be off with them these last two weeks. Being a working Mom sometimes brings with it feelings of guilt for not always being their for your children. I also think it makes you treasure and soak up every moment that you do get to spend with them.

So, I went through my photos of 2009 (phew! I take more photos that I thought - what a process!) and compiled my favourite photos of each child for every month in 2009.
Brendan -
Olivia -

Coming to a scrappy layout near you shortly!
Happy New Year my dear friends. To those of you who have experienced tremendous sadness in 2009.......I especially hope 2010 is filled with lots of peace and amazing, happy moments.
Cheers to 2010!


Karine said...

Those are AWESOME photos Wendy! I hope you have a great New Year and a FABULOUS 2010!!!

Julie said...

Wonderful re-cap of photos Wendy! I hope you have a great year!